Things that actually happened in my highschool

  1. In the middle of my homeroom class ( like 9 in the morning) a student just broke out a pint of ice cream and started eating it. I guess it wouldn’t be that bad except everyone started to notice. And once they noticed everyone started to whisper and point. Then they all surrounded the table and practically BEGGING him for some. Then the teacher actually had to stop and give a speech on how you shouldn’t give death threats over ice cream.
  2. This kid I was sitting next to in class once went home because he got a massive migraine after staring straight into the light for 3 minutes because he was “bored and wanted to see what would happen.” He ended up taking 3 tylenols after that, got paranoid and made the entire class search “ how many pills of tylenol does it take to overdose”
  3. There was a horse fly in the room and the teacher thought it would be great to kill it by throwing a folder 5 inches thick with papers in its general direction, but instead it went across the room hitting a poor innocent kid in the face so hard. Another kid yelled out “ EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF.” And when I tell you that this fly was huge I mean it was literally so MASSIVE that this one girl almost started to cry whenever it flew near her, some actually tried throwing a cup of coffee at it, and another person started to scream ZIKAAA VIRUSSS and saying how it wasn’t vaccinated. And mind you the majority of the students where dressed in fancy attire because of the national honor society ceremony that was later that afternoon. In the midst of this going on, one kid gets up, doesn’t say anything and literally just ninja slams his bare hand all in one fluid motion, all without saying a single word. The entire class just broke out in a huge applause then went on with their day like nothing happened.
  4. During first period a teacher who lost a ton of weight over a 2 year period was giving serious advice about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle while this kid right in front of the teacher’s desk breaks out a FULL mcdonalds breakfast meal and distributes it among the table.
  5. Kids that where in my AP math and AP Spanish held a joint prayer vigil the day before AP exams began, so that AP students could literally hold hands and pray to survive exam season as well as mourn our high grades. Everyone who went was required to bring in fake candles and food, while someone else conducted a prayer service. A special invitation was sent out by using our school emails, you had to rsvp in order to attend , and it was suggested that you wear black. Our AP teachers knew about this, and they agreed it was a good idea somehow.

By: Courtney Lynn Epps        

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